Condition: Milia

Condition: Milia

What is Milia?

Have you noticed stubborn little spots on your cheeks or around your eyes? Have you tried to squeeze them because you thought they were whiteheads but found they weren’t going anywhere? It’s likely you have Milia – or milk spots.  

These little white bumps on the skin aren’t spots, and in actual fact, they are cysts located just under the top layer of the skin. This means, unless you’re a skincare professional, it’s near impossible to remove them. But don’t worry, if you’d rather your skin had a smoother, clearer look, and you want to get rid of your Milia, then the experts at Este Medical can help you.

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What Causes Milia?

Milia is caused by an excess of keratin in the skin. Keratin is a part of our skin’s natural make-up, and it’s also present in our nails and hair. When there’s a build up of it, it can give the appearance of a little white bump or spot. These little milk spots are hugely common in babies, but they usually fade within a few weeks. It’s not known why they sometimes appear later on in life, but if they have and you’d rather they weren’t there, let us help you.

Milia isn’t a health concern, but it can be annoying if you are suffering from these little white cysts, so if you’d like to find out how we can help you get rid of them, please get in touch with the Este Medical team today.

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Treatment we offer for Milia

Want to remove milia – also known as milk spots – on your face, easily and safely?


Lamprobe is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that tackles minor skin abnormalities by using high frequency and radio frequency. The Lamprobe does not penetrate the skins surface but it targets the abnormities to their core.

By utilising radio and high frequency, it effectively targets and treats the built-up keratin and sebum inside milia, in seconds. Any trapped sebum, however hardened it may be, is able to be safely and precisely extracted and vaporised.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you have your milia removal treatment, any pain you experience is minimal. This procedure is short, and any discomfort felt is small. You will likely feel a scratch sensation with the needle removal option. If you have your milia removed by Hyrefactor, this is mildly more uncomfortable, but because the treatment time is short, the experience is very manageable.

At Este Medical we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest of standards in the skincare profession. We ensure all of our treatments are carried out safely and to an extremely professional standard. When you choose us to perform your milia removal treatment you can rest assured that we perform this procedure in a safe, professional, and expert manner.

Treatment time depends on the number of milia spots that are being removed. If you have one, treatment time could be completed in around ten minutes, but if you have a cluster of spots to be removed, this will obviously take longer. We will be able to give you a better idea of treatment time when we meet you and take a closer look at your milia.

You can get back to your normal routine as soon as your procedure is over, but you may notice red patches on your skin where the removal took place. This should subside over the course of a few hours. You will be able to see an improvement in your skin immediately as the extraction will have taken place and the milia removed.

Milia removal is, in most cases, permanent. However, sometimes more milia spots can appear. When we treat you for your milia we will advise you about the best aftercare and the right skincare products to help keep milia spots at bay.

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