What is Cosmelan?

Cosmelan is a skin depigmentation treatment that is used to reduce obstinate dark spots and patches caused by hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause, sun exposure, and chemical or laser peels. To achieve a more equal skin tone, Cosmelan inhibits the action of the cells that produce skin pigment.

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How Does Cosmelan Skin Care Work?

Melanin is a pigment found in the skin that gives it its color. A dark spot will appear if there is too much melanin in one place. Cosmelan acts by blocking the enzyme tyrosinase, which is required for the synthesis of melanin.

Cosmelan can be applied to the face, legs, hands, abdomen, and breast or nipple area. It can be used to treat:

  • Melasma
  • Acne scars
  • Age-related dark skin spots
  • Cholasma
  • Facial hyperpigmentation
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What are the Advantages of Cosmelan® Skin Care?

Cosmelan is suitable for use on all skin types. It works on brown spots that haven’t responded well to conventional treatments. Although Cosmelan does not increase sun sensitivity, patients should still use sunscreen when outside to avoid further sun damage. Although the therapy causes a small peel after application, there is very little redness or flaking. Cosmelan does not contain hydroquinone and is considered safe for long-term use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This treatment is pain free. It uses light that creates a very small amount of thermal energy meaning that you experience no heat on the face during this treatment.
The Dermalux LED treatment is suitable for all skin types. When you book a consultation, our skin experts will walk you through what you can expect.
The number of sessions you require may depend up what you wish to target, many clients are able to see results after the 4th session. Please speak with our skin experts as they can give you a more information.
This treatment is suitable for the face, décolletage and your abdomen. Book your consultation and find out how this treatment can help you.
These led devices can be used to target a wide range of skin problems, it can help to stimulate collagen to help plum and revitalise the skin.

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