Curettage Dental

Curettage Dental

Exploring Curettage Dental: A Key Treatment for Gum Disease

Curettage Dental is a dental procedure commonly used to treat gum disease and remove infected or damaged tissue from the gums. It involves the careful cleaning and scraping of the gum pockets to promote healing and prevent further deterioration of the gums.

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Common Causes

  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Gum inflammation and infection
  • Plaque and tartar buildup
  • Poor oral hygiene practices
  • Genetic predisposition to gum disease

How Does Curettage Dental Treatment Work

Curettage Dental involves the use of specialized dental instruments, such as curettes, to carefully remove the infected or damaged tissue from the gum pockets. This process helps eliminate bacteria and promotes the healing of the gums. In some cases, antibiotics or antimicrobial agents may be used to further combat infection and promote recovery.


  • Subgingival scaling and root planing
  • Localized curettage for specific affected areas
  • Laser-assisted periodontal therapy
  • Antibiotic or antimicrobial treatments
  • Ongoing periodontal maintenance and follow-up care

Treatment steps

  1. Assessment of gum health and evaluation of the affected areas
  2. Application of local anesthesia to numb the gums
  3. Careful removal of infected tissue using dental curettes
  4. Thorough cleaning and smoothing of the tooth roots
  5. Application of antimicrobial agents or antibiotics, if necessary

Session: A Curettage Dental session refers to a single appointment or treatment session dedicated to the procedure.

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Painful or Painless: Curettage Dental is typically performed under local anesthesia, ensuring that the procedure is relatively painless for the patient. Some discomfort or mild soreness may be experienced afterward, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications.

Benefits of Curettage Dental

  • Improved gum health and reduced inflammation
  • Removal of infected or damaged gum tissue
  • Prevention of further gum and bone loss
  • Alleviation of gum disease symptoms
  • Enhanced overall oral health and prevention of tooth loss


Curettage Dental is an essential treatment for addressing gum disease and promoting gum health. By carefully removing infected or damaged tissue, this procedure helps halt the progression of gum disease and prevent complications. With its benefits for oral health and overall well-being, Curettage Dental plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This treatment is offered for both males and females for treatable areas such as:

  • Beard line shaping, including neck
  • Ears  
  • Between the eyebrows
  • Nose  
  • Cheeks  
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Forehead

If there are areas of concern that have not been mentioned, during your consultation you can mention to our team and discuss other areas you wish to receive laser hair removal.

The Soprano Ice is pain free, but you can expect some mild heat and pinching whilst undergoing treatment.
We usually recommend a course of between 6-8 sessions to see results that will last.
Sessions are routinely carried out approximately every 4-5 weeks.
During the course of having laser hair removal sessions, we will only allow you to shave or trim your hair. This is because waxing and plucking will pull the hair out of the root meaning the laser will be less effective at your next session.

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