Condition: DPNs

Condition: DPNs

What is DPNs?

DPN (Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra) is a skin disease that causes tiny, dark, or skin-colored pimples to develop on the face, neck, and upper body. Some people acquire a few pimples, while others develop a significant number of lumps that cover vast areas of their skin. DPN is a disease that predominantly affects persons of African and Asian ancestry and runs in families. ‌

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DPN has some similarities to Seborrheic Keratoses, a common noncancerous skin growth, which might explain why DPN appears to be hereditary. The specific causes of DPN, however, are unknown. ‌

Because DPN lesions typically form on the head, neck, and upper trunk, regions that are more exposed to sunshine, there might be a relationship between UV exposure and DPN development. People with darker complexion who used skin-lightening treatments had a lot more DPN pimples, according to a research. This might be related to a reduction in UV protection caused by the loss of protective skin pigment. ‌


Treatment typically falls under two broad categories — surgery and laser treatments — with varying degrees of success. The following are all possible treatment options for DPN:  

Visia Digital Skin Analysis

When we use the Visia Digital Skin Analysis to assess your skin, we are using a tool that allows us to see deep below the surface layer of your skin and detect a multiple of potential concerns. This advanced technology allows us to pick up on issues such as spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, scars, red areas, porphyrins and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acne can be caused by a number of factors. Acne can be hereditary, it can be hormonal, and it can be caused by a testosterone increase during puberty. It is also possible for acne to be caused by certain medications, some makeup products, and even wearing items of clothing or accessories that place pressure on a specific area of the skin – wearing a headband for instance.

Smoking is also said to cause acne in older people. Whatever the underlying reasons as to why you have acne, it all results in one thing – hair follicles becoming blocked by sebum from surrounding sebaceous glands, and dead skin cells. These plugged hair follicles can either turn into whiteheads or blackheads, and if the (usually) harmless bacteria that lives on our skin then infects the follicles, you can even experience cysts, papules, nodules or pustules. None of which are any fun for the person having to deal with them.

Our skincare experts take time to get to know and understand your acne concerns and issues, and only then will they make an informed decision as to which acne treatment is the best for you. That could be:

  • lightfusion™ Light Therapy
  • Skin Peels
  • Pixel Laser Resurfacing

You do not need to stop wearing makeup if you have acne. However, you should wear makeup that is non-comedogenic. This means that it doesn’t block the pores.

Not necessarily. As mentioned above, acne can be caused by a number of triggers, and however much you clean your face it’s not going to affect how crazy your hormones are being. Sometimes, cleaning your face too much can even contribute to acne as it can aggravate spots.

Furthermore, using alcohol-based cleansers can dry your skin out and this isn’t a good thing as far as acne is concerned. Despite what you may think, and even if you feel like you have excessively oily skin, it’s still important to use a moisturiser – just make sure you opt for a non-comedogenic one.

Everyone is different, but acne – more often than not – does eventually go away. For many, it’s puberty that can kick things off and acne often settles down when puberty does. However, acne can sometimes persist into your adult years.

That said, our skincare specialists have worked with many clients who wanted their acne to disappear and felt like they had tried everything. As you will see from our success stories and testimonials, we have had hugely positive and effective results.

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