Hair Loss For Women

Hair Loss For Women

Women’s Hair Loss – All You Need To Know

Hair loss can have a devastating influence on a female’s quality of life; causing significant psychological and emotional problems by effecting a person’s self-esteem, anxiety and depression. Of the many causes, we have procedures available to treat and restore on-going Female Pattern hair loss, thinning hair and severe stress.

Before you start your growth journey with us, it’s important to determine what type of hair loss you’re experiencing. Alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss for women and can be very unpredictable; remember there is no need to struggle in silence.

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What is Female Pattern Baldness?

The loss of hair for women can be caused by several factors including genetics, stress, medical issues or even your hair extensions. Whether it’s temporary or an ongoing issue, consulting a hair loss expert is essential to ensure the correct diagnosis is given.

The most common condition affecting women is Androgenetic Alopecia – Genetically experiencing ‘diffused thinning’ throughout the top of the crown downwards. Female pattern hair loss usually begins around the age of 30, or even early 20s.

Another common cause is hormonal changes, for example; after pregnancy or continuation of birth control pills, many females experience hair thinning usually only temporary.

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How Do I Know If I’m Losing My Hair?

There are many different signs shown to a woman if she is losing her hair but noticing them may be difficult.
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Thinning hair especially on the crown and hairline
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A few months after extreme shock you start shedding hair e.g. childbirth
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Patches or clumps of hair falling out
If you’re thinking of getting a procedure done to give your confidence a boost, we recommend acting upon it sooner rather than later.
Read below and find out what type of hair loss you are experiencing and what can be done about it -Este Medical are here for you.

How We Can Help

Study shows many different hair replacement and growth treatments, but Minoxidil is medically-proven to regrow women’s hair and stop female pattern hair loss.

Sam Cinkir, the Director, has gone through similar hair growth treatments himself and has performed this for many women exactly like you. He is passionate in restoring hair and natural glow, but most importantly – your confidence as a woman.

Suffer no longer with your Alopecia or hair thinning, because we have treatments available which will make you wish you did this sooner. We focus on stimulating your existing hair follicles by then increasing the movement of blood flow, naturally boosting the re-growth of hair. If you’re looking for a non-surgical route, Laser Hair Growth may be right for you.

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What Are The Types of Hair Loss?

Hair loss affects everyone in different ways, ranging from mild to extreme cases with a variety of different causes.
Below we have detailed some of the main types of hair loss to help you identify what solution might be best for you.

receding hairline treatment UK

One of the most common patterns of hair loss is a Receding Hairline, this is where the hair is lost either side of the forehead, looking triangular in the middle. This might be the only area for some men, but others may notice thinning at the crown, which may also be balding.

If you think you might have a receding hairline and want a solution, speak to our hair loss specialists today for more information about what treatments we provide.

Thinning hair treatments
If you’re unsure, General Thinning is hair loss spread evenly over the top of your scalp. Some may also notice a distinct receding hairline or thinning crown, but in most general thinning cases it can take longer to identify.

However, don’t panic – if you think you’ve left it too long, there are a range of treatments available to successfully prevent or reverse any effects of hair thinning.
Male hair loss treatment
The top of your head is called the ‘crown’ or ‘vertex’ – some men will experience thinning here, resulting in the scalp becoming visible, and soon after a bald patch may appear. This may work with a receding hairline, but most men will have one or the other.

The extent or the pattern is different for every person, and this is very common for most men. So, if you think you’ve noticed signs of hair loss on your crown and want to act fast before it gets worse.
alopecia treatment
Alopecia Areata is a condition which is seen frequently by our specialists, it consists of stages of patchy hair loss due to hair follicles rapidly entering the ‘resting’ phase. It can be genetically passed down and can appear at any time in a person’s life, but there may be an external trigger such as shock or stress.

Depending of the severity of the condition and the stage it’s at, the treatment we provide can be very successful. Read our success stories, giving you inspiration, motivation and hope in the specialists at Este Medical Group.
severe hair loss
A person may be experiencing hair loss because of recent stress or shock, this pattern is known as Telogen Effluvium. Hair loss will take place approximately three months after the event which caused shock or stress.

Signs of this pattern include: increased shedding following the event, thinning hair and patches of hair being lost. Start your hair growth journey today – We are here to help you every step of the way.
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Frequently Asked Questions

To prevent smiles lines and wrinkles you should:

  • Wear sunscreen everyday
  • Stay hydrated
  • Invest in good skin care
  • Avoid smoking
  • For more tips and advice speak to our skin experts.

Here are some things you can do to prevent smile lines before they appear

  • Use masks with collagen and firming benefits
  • Start facial exercises to strengthen the muscle
  • Drink lots of water
Este Medical Group have a range of non-surgical treatments available which are all proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. To determine which is best for you, we will need to see your scar and speak to you about our options. Book a free consultation with our skin specialists at your nearest UK clinic.
None of our treatments involve surgery and are non-invasive. We try to make all of our patients comfortable during their procedure and explain everything to them before going forward.
From the age of around 25 you may begin to see fine lines around your mouth, as smiling is a repetitive facial expression the elasticity and collagen in that area age faster.

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