Stretch Mark Camouflage

Stretch Mark Camouflage

What is stretch mark tattoo camouflage?

If you’ve had past surgery, been in an accident, or have stretch marks, we can use medical camouflage to hide them. Although we encourage people to feel comfortable in their own skin and proud of their stretch marks, we understand that it can be stressful for some.

Micropigmentation is a technique used in medical camouflage. Pigments are carefully chosen and combined to match your surrounding skin tone, then introduced into the deeper layers of skin with a needling device to adjust the color, making scars and stretch marks less obvious. Please remember that the goal of this surgery is to disguise any scars or stretch marks on the skin.

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What kinds of stretch marks or scars can you treat?

It’s critical that the scars or stretch marks are not elevated and are lighter in color than the rest of the skin. Scars or stretch marks that are more than two years old must be “healed.” Red stretch marks and scars suggest that the scar or stretch mark hasn’t healed completely.

If the scars or stretch marks are red, MCA needling treatments may help to lighten or soften them. Prior to the implantation of pigment, some customers may require 2-3 sessions of MCA needling, which we may discuss during your free consultation.

How does stretch mark tattoo camouflage work?

We will carefully choose skin tone pigments and blend them together using a mixing solution that will prevent color alteration during your first session. The pigment is then injected into the skin with a needle device similar to that used in semi-permanent make-up application. A color match test is done on a tiny area to see how the pigment absorbs into the skin; full healing can take up to 60 days.

After this time has passed, you will return to the clinic for your first complete session. We’ll combine the pigments you’ve chosen and start working on your treatment. To get the best results, you may require 2-3 sessions every 60 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To prevent smiles lines and wrinkles you should:

  • Wear sunscreen everyday
  • Stay hydrated
  • Invest in good skin care
  • Avoid smoking
  • For more tips and advice speak to our skin experts.

Here are some things you can do to prevent smile lines before they appear

  • Use masks with collagen and firming benefits
  • Start facial exercises to strengthen the muscle
  • Drink lots of water
Este Medical Group have a range of non-surgical treatments available which are all proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. To determine which is best for you, we will need to see your scar and speak to you about our options. Book a free consultation with our skin specialists at your nearest UK clinic.
None of our treatments involve surgery and are non-invasive. We try to make all of our patients comfortable during their procedure and explain everything to them before going forward.
From the age of around 25 you may begin to see fine lines around your mouth, as smiling is a repetitive facial expression the elasticity and collagen in that area age faster.

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